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Just a couple of steps will launch your creativity to a whole other level. In our eco-system, artists are encouraged to support other artists and to set the stage for a model of community-led curation that puts power in the hands of creators. In the new creative economy, we all rise up together.

Submit your NFT art to h00manly. Get featured on our socials and NFT-marketplaces around the world. We’re onboarding only proven artists. 

    Rules of application

    Before submitting a request for your NFT’s to be showcased, please click, read and understand the community guidelines.

    Main community guidelines and terms


    • All submited art must be original and created by you;
    • All NFT art must be, in one way or another, be created digitally;
    • Your sumbissions should not be made available as an NFT anywhere else on the internet;
    • Your submission should contain at least 1, and at most 5 NFT’s;
    • Accepted NFT-formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF (NO .MOV!). Max size: 40 MB
    • Make sure the resolution is at least 1.000px both horizontal and vertically;
    • All NFT’s will be listed for 0,05ETH with a reserve price of 1ETH;
    • All NFT’s will be listed for auction for a period of 30 days;
    • Artists will receive up to 80% of the proceeds of any succesful sale, and only if the amount concerns 0,05 ETH or more. Read more;
    • The artist will promote their NFT’s  on our platform through their social media account(s);
    • Do not apply art containing anything that’s racist, sexist, or otherwise harmful to other h00mans on this planet;
    • Read our full community guidelines here, don’t forget to check out our services, privacy policy and terms of service.

    be 0riginal

    We only accept original artworks that you have created. Do not submit anyone else’s copyrighted work, and do not spoof other artists.

    be inclusive

    Do not upload anything that’s racist, sexist, pornographic, or otherwise harmful to our community.
    Spread love, not pain.

    be creative

    We are building this new creative economy together, and are excited to see your artistic expression.

    apply n0w!

    Joining us is as easy as riding a bike! You may apply for h00manly by filling in the submission form below. Make sure you’ve checked out our social media channels, an accounts and other creators working with h00manly.


    More attention. More shares. More sales.

    Because everyone within h00manly shares our work or their collection with their own fans, your work will be made known to new eyes, worldwide!


    h00manly is free!

    Don’t worry about setting anything up. We do the hard work for you.

    If accepted as an sub-artist at h00manly, we’ll make sure you receive your own collection on OpenSea with your best NFT’s!


    Don't miss the boat

    The NFT-ship has embarked. Let’s sail off together!

    Unfortunately, many great future NFT-artists around the world are missing upon the “next big thing”, because they look up to the many new faces of online art. We made things easy at h00manly.

    Room to grow

    So, we found new customers for your NFT’s! Let’s grow!

    You now know there’s a place for your kinda art, ánd room for growth. We’ll guide you through every step to build your own brand as an independant NFT-artist.

    submissi0n f0rm


    three plans, it’s your call!

    One size fits all? Not for creators! We’ve got a plan ready for everyone. As a creator at h00manly, you’ve got  the honor to choose between three different plans. Choose the plan that fits you liking the most in the submission form above.


    We will transfer the funds  to the creator of the NFT’s.

    In this plan, up to 80% of all sales (0.05ETH and up) will be transferred to the NFT creator.  




    Help other creators grow! We invest in young NFT-artists.

    h00manly dedicates itself to support (beginning) artists. In this plan, we support those who need our community support the hardest.





    Together we share, for a better world!

    In this plan, any proceeds will be donated to charities around the globe. Curious about the organizations we support? Check out our homepage!




    payout examples

    Cummulative Rates: <0,05ETH: 0% – 0,05ETH-1ETH: 50% – 1ETH+: 80%
    Example: An NFT of a creator is sold for 11ETH. The gas fee for all the transactions accounts for 0,1 ETH. The creator will receive a total of 8.425ETH


    Cummulative Rates: <0,05ETH: 0% – 0,05ETH-1ETH: 50% – 1ETH+: 80%
    Example: An NFT of a creator is sold for 11ETH. The gas fee for all the transactions accounts for 0,1 ETH. h00manly will spend an amount of 8.425ETH in NFT-purchases of other h00manly ánd non-h00manly creators on the NFT-marketplaces and

    Cummulative Rates: <0,05ETH: 0% – 0,05ETH-1ETH: 50% – 1ETH+: 80%
    Example: An NFT of a creator is sold for 11ETH. The gas fee for all the transactions accounts for 0,1 ETH. An amount of 8.425ETH will be donated to charity organizations.

    All tariffs are ex gas fee, marketplace-fee (OpenSeas and and applicable taxes. It’s necessary for the creator to have a wallet in place to receive the funds. h00manly Will collect a royalty-fee of 10% when an object is resold. Check out our services for more information.

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