NFT Creator showcase

At h00manly, we know that artists want to spend their free time on more art. You are a creator, not a programmer. We handle all of the difficult technology pieces for you, meaning that promoting and selling your NFT-art with us is as easy as selling something on Ebay. Let us and other creators do the showcasing for you. We grow together.

We offer this service for free for our OpenSeas Creator Collections. Creators have the option to sell their NFT’s on our (premium) account for a one-time fee of 0.1ETH per NFT.

NFT Marketing

So, you’ve submitted your art as a NFT-artist to Good! Let us do the hard work. You’ll receive a marketingdocument after we’ve accepted your application. We’ll let you know how you can promote your NFT collection(s) on our h00manly account(s) on (and/or

We offer this service for free for all of our creators. You’ll receive the document automatically via your email.

Collection promotions

Grow fast with an active marketingcampaign on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads (including Instagram) and other platforms. Our team of (social) marketing professionals are ready to promote your work to those looking for it the most.

We offer this service from 0.5ETH / $600 / €500 ex VAT.

Creator Launch pack

We’re a team. Did our platform help you sell NFT’s and would you like to fly away? Let us do all the hard work for you and create your own channel on, or NiftyGateway.

We offer this service for 0.5ETH ( and 1ETH ( per account

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