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Digital art isn’t something new. NFT’s are. If you have any questions about our communityplatform, please check out this Q&A. 

What is

Find more about us at “about h00mans

Who's responsible for the marketing of my NFT's?

We all are! While we place information about the creator ánd the NFT’s on our showcase-page, you will receive a marketingdocument to enjoy the ride.

In this document, made exclusively for our NFT-artists, you’ll find the do’s and dont’s concerning making your art known to a wider public, social media tips to receive more attention and more information about getting yourself noted!

Other creators will also have a part in the promotion of your art. How? We’re a community where your NFT’s will find their home in your own collection. All the collections are part of the accounts on NFT-marketplaces. Therefore, your art is destined to receive more attention!

Is free?

Yes and no. While selected creators around the world receive free spots in a collection on our NFT Marketplaces (, we charge a small percentage of any sale, depending on the plan selected by the creator of the NFT. Read more about our three plans here.

Minting NFT’s on our premium account does require a certain amount of ETH.

Apart from the NFT-service, we provide creators the option to receive more help concerning promotion and optimalization. Read more about our NFT-services here.

Pricing of NFT's

All NFT’s will be minted and auctioned from the set price of 0,05ETH. will further decide on the pricing and type of listing of the NFT’s provided by our creators.

Creators can request a special pricing strategy on forehand when submitting the NFT-form.

Wallet information

As a creator on, it’s not necessary to own a wallet. But you do need a wallet as soon as an NFT is sold. You can also follow the progress of any sales in your own collection on our or accounts. A link of your collection will be send to you via email as soon as we finished uploading your NFT’s on our a marketplace.

To transfer funds and proceeds made of the succesful sales of your NFT, you will need to have an ETH wallet-address in a cryptocurrency-exchange like Binance or Trustwallet.

h00manly’s ETH address is 0xAAf9055EbeBAB0A662CA3C12853Cf5b93F00Ef90

Donating to and supporting

So you like the idea of community-driven NFT’s? Share the love by spreading the art of our creators on social media. The artist will find great support in your help.

Want to let us help more (beginning) artists and creators? Please consider a donation to the platform.

h00manly’s ETH address is 0xAAf9055EbeBAB0A662CA3C12853Cf5b93F00Ef90

Official information about is a collaboration between the Dutch NFT-platform and Concept & Marketingbureau 4KSTUDIO and is registred in the Netherlands under the chamber of commerce KvK: 56146299.

h00manly’s ETH address is 0xAAf9055EbeBAB0A662CA3C12853Cf5b93F00Ef90

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