About h00mans

Humans (H0m0 sapiens) are a species 0f highly intelligent primates. They are the 0nly extant members 0f the subtribe H0minina and—t0gether with chimpanzees, g0rillas, and 0rangutans—are part 0f the family H0minidae (the great apes, 0r h0minids). Humans are terrestrial animals, characterized by their erect p0sture and bipedal l0c0m0ti0n; high manual dexterity and heavy t00l use c0mpared t0 0ther animals; 0pen-ended and c0mplex language use c0mpared t0 0ther animal c0mmunicati0ns; larger, m0re c0mplex brains than 0ther primates; and highly advanced and 0rganized s0cieties. They also l0ve NFT art.

About us, h00manly!

Y0ur art has p0wer. Through our community site and accounts on OpenSea.io and Foundation.app, we will be giving you a chance to make art that will be shown around the world through our Showcase Collections, work that could help lead to real and meaningful change. 

h00manly is thé community-driven NFT cryptoart platform where artists exhibit and trade their best pieces of art. Join the NFT-community and submit your artwork here!

What are NFT’s?

The proliferation of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the art market gives artists the opportunity to establish a value for digital items that were previously almost worthless by identifying which version the artist wants to decide is the ‘original work’. All other copies (unless an edition is determined by the artist at the time), despite being identical, do not have the ‘certificate of authenticity’ that the NFT can provide.

This ‘certificate’, and the ‘smart contract’ related to it, allows for total transparency over ownership and trading history. These smart contracts also allow the originator to set certain ‘rules’ around the use of the file and creates an opportunity for the creator and other beneficiaries to continue to receive a percentage of the sale price every time it is sold. Almost all artists are not rich but they are passionate. Anything to help them to stay passionate is a good thing.

A new, digital form of art

From an artistic point of view, this as an opportunity to really open up the conventional visual art world to collaboration with other artists from different fields. Most visual artists have to tell their story in a single frame. Everything happens at once, a one-shot deal and the best an artist can hope to do is to draw the viewer in in terms of layers of concept and meaning. Nothing wrong with that but if we are now allowed the dimension of time too, then we enter a more linear realm shared with musicians and writers and performers. 

These opportunities have always existed but all that creativity and work rarely resulted in something that someone could own and, therefore something that the artists could be recompensed for.

We love to #share/ity

From the outset we wanted to make sure that a minimum of 10% from our proceeds of all sales goes to good causes, chosen by both the collaborating artist and h00manly. That percentage rises to 80% if the creator selects our “Funds to Charity”-plan. The charity will continue to benefit from all sales, simply because we’ve made a list of the charities we support here

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